HP V-220 W 16 GB Utility Pendrive(Silver)

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Keep yourself updated with the latest technology and fast forward your life to the new era with this HP V-220 16 GB pen drive and experience the incredible. Metal design Built with sturdy and strong metal, this pen drive is designed to last longer than you expect it to. In a very stylish and smart pattern, you can surely be a proud owner of this and show off a rather professional look clipping the drive onto your shirt pocket. While providing a stylish addition to you tech collection, the drive also offers trendy conveniences to your everyday life. Secure Loop Losing your pen drive is not a small thing because it not just means you???re losing your device but also your precious data that could be misused if gone into the wrong hands. To ensure you never lose the drive, HP designs this pen drive with a loop at the top to attach a lanyard or keychain. USB 2.0 Experience relatively fast speeds of data transfer while you plug in your device for all file transfer purposes. Built with a 2.0 USB interface bearing a 12 mm width by 4.5 mm height, the device remains a standard among all PC???s and laptops. Use the device across various systems not having to worry about the compatibility issues.


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