HP V-210 W – 16 GB Utility Pendrive(Grey)




Indulge in innovation and make your life way simpler than it is with this HP V-210 W 16 GB Pen Drive that gives you a whole new data storage experience in a stylish manner. Ultimate mobile PC user accessory With a storage space of 16 GB that offers a vast storage option, this HP drive is an ultimate accessory for the mobile PC user. Transferring data needs to be done quickly especially when you???re in a hurry, and the longer it takes the more frustrating it gets. Built with a 2.0 USB interface, the drive enables relatively fast data transfers. You can pack in all your favourite songs and important business files carrying them along with you wherever you go, so your long drive never gets boring and your official work never remains pending. Clip design Subconsciously our minds are tuned to be attracted to what looks elegant and smart, and understanding that, HP introduces the V-210 W Pen Drive that has been built in a unique and sleek pattern with a metal body incorporating the latest design. Built with a clip on the rear, the drive can be clipped onto folders and files or even on to your pocket so that you don???t tend to lose it. Plug and play HP makes it convenient for both beginners and professionals to use this storage device by simplifying the usual installations and formatting incorporating the plug-and-play. This allows users to simply plug-in the device and transfer data as and when required eliminating the need for formatting for different operating systems. You???re sure to find this HP V-210 W Pen Drive an extremely easy and useful device for all your storage purposes.


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