HP USB 2.0 Utility PendriveV-220 W 8 GB(Grey)

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An innovation that has changed the way we live today letting us carry our world with us, while portability no longer remains an issue; this HP V-220 W Pen Drive with 8 GB of data space lets you pack in your favourite music and videos to enjoy while you???re out driving. Light and durable metal design Built with a metal body, this drive ensures a sturdy construction avoiding easy damage and breakage making sure it lasts longer. This gains value while you tend to use the drive more often and sometimes in an unintentionally rough manner. The pen drive gives you the added advantage of portability and durability combined with convenience to give you an enhanced experience of data storage and transfer. Secure Loop Losing your data can sometimes be painful and sometimes dangerous, and to deal with that, this HP drive has been designed with a loop at the top to attach a lanyard or keychain to keep this tiny drive from getting lost. USB 2.0 With a USB 2.0 interface, the drive maintains relatively good speed of writing and reading while you exchange both heavy and light files to and from the pen drive. This easy to use sturdy grey HP Pen Drive can be handled by anyone including beginners since they are unbelievably user friendly and attractive too.


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