HP 210 W 16 GB Pen Drive(Silver)




The HP V 210W/ V220w/ V215w is a powerful 16 GB USB pen drive that comes in a small and compact shell. It is capable of storing up to 16 GB of digital files. The USB pen drive is compatible with laptops, computers and tablets. The pen drive is very compact in size and has a metallic finish to it. It is light in weight and can easily be carried around in your backpack or laptop bag. You can carry around the pen drive with you at all times and have access to your photographs, files, videos on the go. The pen drive comes with a two-year limited warranty that protects your pen drive against accidental damages. You can also avail the warranty from any of the several service centres of HP spread across major cities.??? Metallic Design ???The USB Pen Drive comes in a compact metallic design that is pleasing on the eyes. The pen drive also has a back clip that can help you attach it to your shirt pockets and pants. This is what keeps the device easily locatable and convenient to keep a track of. You can use the pen drive to transfer movies, documents, music, photos, videos and all other multimedia types. The USB is easy to use and keep.??? High Performance USB Pen Drive ???The device not only has a high quality design but is also capable of delivering fast data transfer. It functions effectively in a temperature range of 0 depress to 60 degree Celsius. The device is extremely lightweight weighing only 6.2 grams. The pen drive can provide you a minimal writing speed of 8 MB/s and a read speed of 18 MB/s. The pen drive is compatible with all the major computer operating systems such as Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows 7, Windows 8 and Windows 10. It is even compatible with MacOS.The pen drive has been built to last you for a long time and offers enhanced resistance to water and shock. With faster read and write speeds, it becomes much easier to transfer important files and documents to and from the pen drive.


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